When the first humans crawled out of the swamp, or whichever forsaken place they originated, they were weak-willed, primitive and violent. The great lie spread by fools too naïve to see the truth is that this has changed. It hasn’t. The human race may have created powerful weapons that enable them to dominate their own Demesne, but they are still unworthy of recognition as a civilized race. Using humans for labour is the only sensical option, which would, furthermore, give the pitiful creatures hope of absorbing some of our greatness to better themselves. But I doubt such a thing shall ever happen.
Dovanestian Lord

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Bastardium is a board game system that allows you to play different types of games that all share a common conflict resolution system. Individual games use different, universal components, and typically lean towards being either strategic or narrative. 

In Bastardium, you control a unique persona whose abilities develop as you play the individual games. But although personas do gain more options, they don’t become all-powerful, allowing new and old personas to go adventuring together or even to face off against oneanother, without the more experienced one holding an unfair advantage. 

You don’t have to stop at simply playing, though. Part of the fun is to design your own games!

Helpful Guide


“Tonight did not work out as it was supposed to. With a splash, you land in a puddle of water – at least, you hope it’s water – and take off down the moonlit alley in front of you.”

Our narrative Guide will ease you into the core system. All you need is a pen, some paper, and a set of polyhedral dice or an app to handle die rolling. (Just search your friendly app store for “polyhedral dice”.)

Once you’ve got a grasp of the basics, there’s a simple intro game for you to try and to use for introducing others to the game. The playtest version of the Guide also includes a slightly more complex game and a framework for playing narratively.


Join the Playtest


Bastardium is nearing completion, and we’re running a public playtest to get as much feedback as possible. At this point, we’re particularly interested in whether the Guide is doing its job, which is to make the game easy to pick up for a solo player who may then go on to introduce it to a gaming group.

Read more about Bastardium and get the playtest documents here.

We all should have paid more attention when the first seasonals were born. It didn’t take long for us to realize that the physical traits of newborn human children were being determined by the seasonal changes surrounding their settlements. What we failed to realize, probably because no one would have considered it a possibility, was that this new order was a sign of the establishment of a human Demesne. Their demesnycs did not simply take advantage of the nature behind the Realms of this world, but also disturbed their structure. Whether the humans actually created a new Demesne, bound themselves to an existing one or some combination of the two, is better left for the philosophers to debate, but what is cer-tain is that their meddling caused a fracture in our world, the consequence of which we are still dealing with.
Sini Clan historian

Building Bastardium